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 Ah, yes. That oh so forgotten detail of owning a home. We never think about maintaining equipment until it breaks. But don't worry, we've got you covered! With annual scheduled maintenance and reminders, you'll never need to remember about it again! We get it. Who really remembers to pay attention to the furnace in the basement, or that air conditioner outside? It's running, right? You've got enough to handle every day. Let us take care of the maintenance. Whether it is a furnace, boiler, heat pump, air conditioner, ductless, gas, oil, we will keep it running efficiently, safely, and keep you up to speed on any repairs that need attention before it causes you to lose sleep!


Always ready to answer your call when your equipment fails to operate properly. Whether it is 2am on a holiday and -20° outside, or the middle of the summer and 100° outside, our phone is always answered by a real person. We don't charge surge hour pricing, or over time. Always the same hourly rate. 


 Ready to update that old piece of equipment? Whether it is a planned replacement, or an emergency, we are always ready to bring comfort and savings back into your home! And we always will offer you multiple  options. No pushy sales people. No up selling. Honest estimates. Quality equipment. 

About Us

Everyone is Family

At the Northern Home Service Group, we take the old saying that everyone is family very serious. There is no such thing as "business hours" as there is never a time family doesn't come to your aid! With us, you'll always have a family member who you can call!

A History of Excellence

 Nothing but the best. Would you expect any less from the Troy Record's Readers Choice Best of the Best? Best quality. Best price. Best Technicians. All of our employees have been in the industry for no less than five years, some, their entire lives. 

A promise we can stand by

 We promise that your best interest is in our best interest! If something isn't perfect, we'll make it right. Our integrity is our only sales pitch. 


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